Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buy Cars and Drink Martinis

I’m back in Mexico for summer break, and man did I miss it. The food, my family, my bed, my friends (and I don’t mean the 10 seasons I own on DVD… Although I did miss that), my baby (that’s how we, childless women, call our missed links between dogs and a stuffed toys), and… Did I mention the food? I can’t really blame the country for owning the silver medal on “obesity”, comes with the territory. What I didn’t miss at all is how society works around here.

For the few weeks I’ve been here, I have already heard three girls my age got married. I mean married-married, not “lol I just changed my status on Facebook and now I’m married to my best friend… Which is funny because we are both girls but we are not lesbians. We just like pretending we are… Get it? Hilarious, right!?”*

I guess I just reached an age where is perfectly normal for girls to get married in MexicoI don’t like being so generalin my city? social-class? book club? God, I don’t know, simply, around me.

Some of them find a job; some of them jump from planning a wedding to baby showers to soccer practices. I’m not trying to judge here. I wasn’t exactly the “put a pillowcase over my head and play bride” kinda gal, but not even I am so cynic to deny that the idea of throwing a big party and receiving free blenders is kind of cool. If you want to marry young and rich, go ahead, you won’t have me burning any of my bras at your wedding.

What I wonder is if these girls (yes, I’m focusing on the ladies… Let a male blogger worry about the dicks) know there are other choices. I remember telling a friend, last year, marriage wasn’t in any of my near-future plans. Even though she didn’t run around the Starbucks yelling “KILL IT WITH FIRE!”, she did look at me as if I had chanted “Bloody Mary” three times in front of her and she was a mirror… Or some other allegory that actually makes sense. I don’t know, maybe I’m just ditzy from all that husbandless I had for breakfast.


*Yes, my Facebook profile  does say I’m engaged to a girl friend but that’s totally different. I did ask her to marry me. Technically, we are engaged and, although, we are not really going to marry each other, it would be rude if I didn’t post my relationship status on Facebook, come on!



  1. You know what they say, "If you can't beat them ...

    use a bigger hammer" or something like that.

    I find nothing wrong with marriage, but I also happen to be a happily married man. So I might be bias. I also think that marriage should not be a goal in life, but something that comes up in your life when the time is right. Marriage is part of the journey not the destination.

    1. I have nothing against marriage either… If it’s a decision you made on your very own it can be very punk rock.
      My problem is that some people here seem to think that’s the next step after graduating and if you don’t… You might be a bit of a failure.

  2. Me tienes abandonado. :( :*

  3. One of my cousins had her whole quinceañera thing happen a few years ago, and next thing I know she had already gotten married. She's just a baby! I mean, I always sincerely wish young newlyweds the best, but I think she just fell for the first guy that shot her with pretty words.

    I don't know the guy, and my own parents had me when mom was 18 and dad 21, but limiting your options at such a young age seems like such a huge mistake to me (regardless of gender).

    1. As I answered to Jules… Marrying young can be very punk rock. As long as you do it because you truly think you’re ready… Not because that’s how it should be.