Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catholics Stick Together

While it can be said that I’ve spent a good amount of time with my friends and family during school break, the photos on my last blog entry (and, well, the simple fact that I have a blog) show I’m not exactly an ‘outside’ kind of person. Luckily I have televisions shows to teach me how human interactions work – Heeh.

Who am I kidding? There’s no pseudo-sciency way to explain why I like using my dad’s Netflix account to watch early seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210.  There’s nothing I can say on my defense; nothing I want to say, to be honest. We are talking about a show with characters like: Kelly Taylor, daughter of a former supermodel addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Kelly, who is voted as Spring Princess ; goes after best friend’s boyfriend; gets best friend’s boyfriend; breaks up with best friend’s boyfriend; goes out with best friend’s brother; temporarily abuses diet pills; temporary abuses cocaine; gets trapped in a house fire with a lesbian who later on falls in love with her; joins a cult because of the fire scare; finds a long lost sister; almost gets rape; gets rape; shots rapist; gets shot in the stomach which causes a 2-episode-long amnesia; suffers a miscarriage; finds out she might never have kids; has a kid. Characters like Kelly suffer daily on BH 90210, the least we could do is watch and enjoy.

What I’ve notice from this show – and many other teen dramas – is that if you take them just a tiny bit seriously, you won’t be able to go through an entire episode without dropping a “what a bunch of horrible horrible people”, even if you’re home alone (and let’s face it, you are home alone, it would be too embarrassing to watch it otherwise). It’s understandable, though, not even I would watch a show full of:

“my dad is a jigsaw puzzle piece cutter; he doesn’t have any kind of criminal relations so I’m not expecting him to blow up in front of my eyes any time soon”

“I’m Pre-Med, I have a child and I’m married at 19… I’m way too busy to have an affair right now, so I’ll pass on this one”

“Drugs? Oh, I’m not really into them, but it’s nice from you to offer”

The only way to stand the actual storylines is to lower your moral standards. Supposedly, there are good and bad characters, although, they are all bitches and scumbags. The only difference between them is that the good characters feel bad about it afterwards. It must have something to do with all of that religious stuff about god forgiving every sin if you feel some remorse and shit.

I don’t know about you, but if an ax murderer is going to split me in half I’d respect him more (if I wasn’t very dead already, anyway) if he was proud of his almost symmetrical job instead of whining about what an awful person he is and then move on to the next victim because, give him a rest, is his nature! 

…Because killing someone is just as bad as stealing their boyfriend!

Anyway, enjoy the 90’s, everybody!

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