Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coffee, Sandwiches and Magazines

So… This is what I’ve been doing instead on whining about my life on the internet.


San Cristobal Stables, 1968 (Mexico)


Dancing House, 1996 (Prague)


Fallingwater, 1939 (USA)


Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s Study House, 1931 (Mexico City)


Guggenheim Museum, 1959 (New York)

Yes. This will be a very useful talent to have now that I’m going to live all by myself and can hardly cook rice without burning it.

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  1. You know, there are some things a computer rendering of a building just don't display correctly. Even A picture can only show you what building looks like now, not what the builder/artist had in mind (before the contractors got a hold of it). There are something you can do with ink and paper that are not possible in any other medium. I would say this is a very useful talent. You should tell this "R.C." Person they are very good sketcher/painter.

    At least you had a productive summer. Keeping your mind off other ... things. I am not going to even ask how many sketches of a certain penis you did over the break, though. Well never mind, I guess I just did, sorry (but not really). ;) If you have time, you should sketch out my home, the gutter, I like to spend most of my time there.